Participant Checklist

Congratulations on being selected to participate in an IDDS!

Here’s what you need to do to get ready to come to IDDS:

  • Apply for financial assistance (if necessary)
  • Watch the crowdfunding video for ideas
  • Download the sample letters and brochures
  • Raise your funding (see tips on how to fundraise your participation here)
  • Get a passport (if you don’t have one and are traveling internationally)
  • Get a visa (if necessary)
  • Book your flight, bus, or other transport to the summit
  • Get the shots and immunizations necessary (check with your local doctor and the CDC)
  • Complete the forms sent to you by your organizers:
    • Travel Form
    • Health and Safety Form
    • Housing Preferences Form
    • Liability Form
    • Risk Waiver Form
    • Project Selection Form
  • Inform your Participant Experience Coordinator if there are any changes to your schedule and/or if you have any questions you may have about your arrival or IDDS
  • Pay your summit registration fees to secure your spot
  • Inform your embassy and bank you will be traveling
  • Pack
  • Stay up to date on summit info via your organizers or summit’s blog!
  • Bonus: Look up fun facts and videos about the country, the context, the sector, and start practicing the language!