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IDIN Grants provide a small amount of funds to enable IDIN network members to work on projects that support and strengthen their communities. The grants are not intended to fund an entire project, but rather, allow network members to take an important step to move their project forward. The grants may be used for any stage of the design cycle: gathering information, framing problems, creating solutions or refining products.

Grants are available to people that have attended an International Development Development Summit (IDDS) and are typically around 500 USD, though they may be up to 750 USD. Grants are designed to fund ideas that are innovative, practical, and sustainable, supporting innovators that engage in co-creation and projects that will make a difference in the communities where they work. These grants can be used for activities in any of the following categories:

  - Products & technologies 
  - Partnerships & collaborations 
  - Education & training 
  - Community development
  - Summit preparation 
  - COVID-19 response 

Each application should enable a critical step to move a project forward; once that step is completed, it is possible to apply again, for a maximum of three times for the same project. The deadline for this round of grants is Monday, June 24, 2024. You will be notified if your idea has been selected by the end of June. We expect to have another application round soon.

Complete the Application Form to apply. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions. For the sake of fairness and equity, we cannot provide feedback on specific proposals before the deadline.

We look forward to supporting your projects!


To be eligible for a grant, you must meet at least one of these criteria:

  - You have been a recognized IDDS participant in the past.
​  - You have been a recognized IDDS organizer in the past.

To be eligible for a grant, your proposed activity must meet all of these criteria:

  - Your activity aims for social or environmental outcomes.
  - Your activity involves creative, hands-on engagement.
  - You can utilize the funds within six months of receipt.
  - You have received less than three IDIN grants for a proposed activity already.

Applicants can submit applications for activities associated with up to two different projects at one time. 


IDIN is a diverse network made up of people with many different skills, and we are open to funding a wide range of activities. 

We will evaluate proposals using the following criteria:
  1. We will prioritize proposals that address basic social and environmental needs. 
  2. ​We will prioritize community-centered proposals, where a grant of this size can make a big impact. 
  3. We will prioritize well-thought-out proposals where the work plan is realistic and the budget is reasonable.

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