Organizer Selection FAQs

What is an organizer?

An IDDS organizer is someone who not only organizes an IDDS, but also embodies the IDDS Spirit and represents it well. Organizers are there to set the example, add to the participants’ overall experience, build friendships, and foster the IDDS spirit throughout every component of organizing the summit. An IDDS organizer is not responsible for having all of the answers, but they are expected to know whom to refer people to when they have questions.  All international organizers must have attended an entire IDDS or themed summit before.


What is the time commitment?

The specific amount of time will vary per summit and organizing team. In general, however, organizers meet weekly in the months leading up to a summit to become acquainted with each other and prepare for the event.  During the summit, organizers meet almost daily and live with participants at the main venue and in the communities as well.  Each organizer is required to attend all organzier meetings and should expect to spend approx. 5-10 hours a week in the months leading up to a summit working remotely with a global team to prepare the summit curriculum and participants.   Organizers are expected to arrive to the IDDS venue about one week before IDDS for on-site preparations and organizer orientation, stay through entire summit, and are expected to stay at least two days after to help send off participants and close the summit out. The ideal IDDS organizer is then forever linked with their summit—happy to serve as a link to their project teams and communities for any opportunities IDIN may have to share after the summit.


What would be my role?

Though IDDS operates under a more collaborative and flat structure, there are key lead organizing roles and several other important roles an organizer can fill. When you apply to be an international organizer, you will apply to fill a specific role. Though you are applying for a specific role, it is expected you will work closely and collaboratively with the rest of the IDDS organizing team—helping out others when they need extra hands in the co-creative IDDS way. Learn more about each of the IDDS Organizing Roles.


What roles are open and available?

Check for open organizer applications here.


What are the eligibility requirements?

In order for your application to be considered, you must:

  • Have attended at least one IDDS before or highly qualified for the role you are applying for
  • Be able to attend the summit in its entirity and available for all organizer calls in the 9 months before IDDS
  • Complete an organizer application form
  • Turn in your application on time

Any incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


What is the selection process like?

Applications will be reviewed by each IDDS organizing team.  Based on the needs of the summit and the budget available, the organizing team will make their selections.  You can expect to hear back from the organizing team by mid-October if you were selected or not.


What do I do if I want to help out, but cannot attend the summit?

If you wish to help out a summit (or multiple summits) remotely, there are still many other opportunities for you! Simply fill out the survey here and your name will be added to a repository that organizing teams can use to share other opportunities (such as reviewing applications, advertising summits, translating documents, helping develop health guidelines, etc.) as they arise.