Sponsor a Participant

At IDDS, we see that the most creative ideas come from bringing together a diverse group of participants from a wide variety of disciplines, cultures, and economic backgrounds. Our admissions process for selecting participants is need-blind and merit-based—selecting 30-50 of the most unique and outstanding individuals from a pool of nearly 400 worthy applicants. While some come from comfortable financial settings where they can afford to pay for their participation or crowdsource the support from personal networks, there are a number of participants who live on less than $2 a day and can only afford to participate in the seminal international experience through generous support of the larger global community. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a person(s) to participate in IDDS, please contact the IDIN Summits Coordinator with the following info:

  • How many participants you would like to sponsor ($1,000 / person)
  • What type of participant(s) you would like to sponsor and for what summit
  • How (if at all) you would like participants to stay in contact with you