PET Bottle Strip Cutter

Oct 20, 2015

Trash is a big problem in Sao Paulo, Brazil. UC Davis students Ryan Pang and Daniel Quinn from D-Lab have worked to design and prototype a PET Bottle Strip Cutter for Miguel Chavez in the Innovation Center-Vila Nova Esperanca. The problem with the existing bottle strip cutter currently used by the center is that the design will not allow for adjustments to be made in the size of the plastic string created and is not set up for different sized plastic bottles. Cutting bottles into strands of plastic is important because the string can then be woven to make items such as chairs, green houses, fencing, and more. These products can generate income to improve the lives of people living in poverty. Additionally, in improving this design we can decrease the amount of plastic trash accumulation by repurposing it to create desirable goods.

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