CGUI Morama Nut Sheller Report, IDDS Botswana

Aug 31, 2016

The Morama nut is indigenous to the Kalahari Desert. It is widely used in the D’kar community given its high nutritional value. However, given its hard outer shell and the traditional method of shelling using stones, the current process is laborious. The Cgui team built two prototypes: a simple handheld cracker and a rotary machine. The handheld cracker can shell Morama nuts at a faster rate. The rotary machine can crack larger quantities of Morama nuts and has the potential to be used commercially. Additionally, the team researched the possible different products that can be made from the Morama nut and tested out a Morama-based hot beverage called “Cgui Tsam” that could be produced locally, stirring up potential entrepreneurial activities.

This report was prepared by a team of participants at IDDS Botswana. It aims to share information and knowledge gleaned from the team’s work during the summit.

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