Shared Innovations

My name is Samuel friday. Am a Nigerian, am a business entrepreneur. Have been trained to to use my mind on innovation. I am majoring on ICT, have developed a mobile Application on my mind. If integrated will become a mini social network. I need an assistant to make a trip to lndia to meet an ICT company am partnering with.
Cairenes is a new company specialized in providing CaaS – Charity as a Service. I call the mobile App Sharity, the business intends to help Charities in reinvigorating their business, to further extend their digital arm. We bring all the charities’ activities under one platform “Sharity app”; we employ a Charity Management System to help charities in engaging with their donors, and unleash to them further insights on their donations temperaments. Sharity helps charities to mobilize and boost their donations while engaging with their donors. In couple of weeks, the company is a legally established entity as LLC in Cairo, Egypt

I am on the lookout for a partner, who's first about the idea, and second interested to invest time in changing this industry

If anyone is interested, please contact me
Amr Samir