Shared Innovations
This device can help can help create interest among visually impaired persons to use the computer, especially for sharing designs, play games, and explore visualizations and more.

This interface aims to bridge the communication gap between people who aren't blind and who are, by making an inclusive platform which can be used by both parties primarily through sense of touch, added by audio feedback.
An affordable device which helps the visually impaired to draw on computers!
An investment casting mold
Electronic fireflies at MIT D-Lab
Prototypes for interchangeable farming tools!
I am sharing an idea on wastes. Definition of wastes need to be reviewed by the experts seriously. I don't find any item in wastes which has no economic value. Every item, which we treat as wastes, speak a lot about its history, its origin and value and can be reused and recycled in producing marketable items for economic benefit.
made lemon batteries with a group of 20 science coordinators from across Greater Accra