IDDS 2010 at Colorado State University

IDDS 2010 at Colorado State University

Jul 7 - 30, 2010
Event Description

The focus of IDDS 2010 shifted from the creation of technologies to their dissemination.

Innovations to improve the lives of people living in poverty often require new business models to be successful. During IDDS 2010, participants took existing prototypes, including some from past summits, and built action plans to move products to market.

IDDS 2010 guided project teams through the process of becoming viable ventures with the support of curriculum from Colorado State University, MIT, and Olin College of Engineering. Furthermore, participants explored many challenges of entrepreneurship and technology dissemination for developing markets with a diverse group of people from around the globe.

Teams worked on developing the following ventures:

  • Zimba, a low-cost automatic water chlorinator
  • SEED Jarna Pump, a low-cost,
  • Sollys, a solar lantern manufactured and distributed by Avani
  • Solar Innovation Organization
  • Running Water International, an enterprise model that brings open-source technologies to people affected by global water challenges
  • JustMilk, a nipple shield delivery system that safely delivers drugs and nutrients to breastfeeding infants in low-resource settings
  • Fuel from the Fields
  • ayzh Clean Birth Kit, a simple $2 birth kit containing the six essential tools required to ensure safe and sterile conditions during childbirth  
  • ABARI, a socially and environmentally committed research, design, and construction

Host: Colorado State University
Partners: MIT, Olin College of Engineering, Cooper Perkins